Saturday, May 8, 2010

On The Road Again...

Hello from the road!

Skeletor (nicky), The Accidental Mummy (James), Michael Jackson (Kelly), and Vincent Price (Nick) are en route from Pittsburgh to Canton. There's a lot of road construction in Pennsylvania, but we're making good time...and have managed not to get snagged, delayed, or arrested. :-)

The items have been going swimmingly! We made it across Michigan, through Northern Ohio, and into Erie, PA on Thursday night. Ashtabula, OH, our last item-stop on Thursday, was suitably creepy given our horror-themed costumes. A lot of things in that town refer to a harrowing train wreck that happened there, and there's nothing like an 11pm Scavvie reunion in a graveyard, at a mass grave for all the people in that train wreck who were so mangled that no one could recognize who they were!

Yesterday we went to New York, and did all the items in Pennsylvania except for the Pittsburgh-area ones. Scranton highways are some of the most poorly-designed, confusing roads we've seen on the trip. We found our way into fabulous downtown Scranton in one piece (or, more accurately, four pieces!), but not without a modicum of cursing at the bright minds who designed the roadways there. We had dinner at Denny's Beer Barrel Pub in Clearfield...and got plenty of pictures of James attacking the Pub Challenger...ALONE!

On the way to the Beer Barrel last night, James and Nick also devised the most awesome way possible to get the idiot behind you in a traffic jam to turn off those darn brights. (No, this was not an item, but sometimes cleverness transcends the list!) Flip down the visor, aim the mirror so it catches the high-beams...and then tilt the mirror so it shines right into their car. Don't do this when cars are moving, of course, but if you do this when the road is quite literally a parking lot, you will very quickly not have brights shining straight at you anymore. Take it from this squad of experienced road trippers.

That's about it from the road for right now...see you back in Chicago tonight!

love and kisses,

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